Rapid market share growth

Part of one of the world’s largest and most profitable banks, Santander UK Corporate and Commercial Banking is an aggressive and relatively new entrant to the UK banking market. Using their Abbey and Alliance & Leicester portfolio’s as a basis, they have significant ambitions to win market share and grow their operations. Santander is globally recognised for its customer focused approach and wishes to particularly leverage this strength in the UK to distinguish its proposition.

What did the client need?


A new leadership and customer relationship team has been created, bringing together some of the best and brightest banking professionals from across the British banking industry. However, not content with just recruiting talented people, the leadership team wish to redefine ‘relationship banking’ for the 21st century. Part of the strategy to realise this ambition is a programme of genuinely bespoke and challenging development for its national team of Regional and Relationship Directors.

How did it work?

Working closely with the senior leadership team, Positive Momentum designed a high impact workshop programme designed to credibly engage professionals who have had much development before, whilst seriously challenging their thinking and ensuring that they felt treated with respect. All 150 Relationship Directors attended a two-day residential workshop, where they worked on both live prospects and existing clients thereby immediately applying new techniques to current opportunities.

What did Positive Momentum do?



Designed a very different 2-day workshop in collaboration with the leadership team


Actively engaged, and earnt the sponsorship, of the Regional Leadership teams


Carried out pre-workshop online surveys with every delegate


Delivered a highly interactive and practical 2-day workshop


Followed up each workshop with a 90-minute live webinar 12 weeks later