Marketing that Delivers Big Results

Kelway is one of the UK’s leading ICT solutions and services providers. In the last 3 years, a combination of strategic acquisitions and organic growth, has taken the company from £40M revenue to over £300M. Staff levels have more than doubled as the business model has focused on delivering managed services.

What did the client need?


Kelway recognised that its Marketing function needed significant development. The growing sales team were looking for strategic direction on the corporate value proposition and messaging and for pro-active utilisation of vendor partnerships with HP, Cisco, IBM and Dell. Positive Momentum was asked to undertake a strategic review of existing capabilities, resources and relationships and to recommend a programme for building a world-class marketing function to pro-actively support the business.

How did it work?

Workshops and interviews with senior managers identified a need for greater clarity on the company’s differentiators and competitive positioning, and processes to facilitate strategic marketing programmes. A Marketing Plan was developed and approved. The Marketing Dept. was re-structured and processes for engagement with other functions and partners defined. Campaigns at strategic and tactical levels were created together with strategy for brand building, PR, website and social media.


Consulted with stakeholders to identify key issues.


Defined competitive position, corporate value proposition and messages.


Development of the Marketing team and lead generation campaign creation processes.


Ongoing management of Marketing Dept. and support transition to new Marketing Director.