Are you thinking of becoming an independent consultant but don’t want to be completely on your own?

Perhaps you’re already consulting on an independent basis but might like to join a firm without giving up your independency?

We are constantly looking for fantastic new consulting partners to join our global team.

You don’t need any prior experience of consulting – in fact sorry, but career consultants need not apply. We only accept new partners that have had a career in organisational life before coming to consulting.

We’re looking for:-

  • Leaders who have experienced both triumph and disaster in their career
  • People with an opinion – but who are also great listeners
  • Well-read and curious professionals with progressive views
  • A particular competency for which you are very well regarded by former colleagues
  • Above all else, a highly practical and no nonsense approach and reputation

We offer:-

  • Ongoing support and development to build a reliable six figure income
  • A community of like-minded professionals to team with as much or as little as it suits you
  • The opportunity to collaborate on projects with other Positive Momentum partners
  • An EA to manage your diary, invoicing and business development activity
  • Free access to an enormous back catalogue of client proposals, projects and material
  • The opportunity to benefit from various high quality and innovative marketing initiatives
  • Association with a brand that has worked with many of the worlds best known organisations

Partner Profiles

Here are some examples of real partner income profiles:-

This partner spent their corporate career in HR and People roles in the legal, banking and FMCG industries. They have successfully built a robust, growing and sustainable PM practice with a diverse range of clients and engagements, delivering premium leadership and talent development training, coaching, facilitation and advisory services. This partner’s continued revenue growth is a great example of the operating system in action.

“The business development side of consulting is what most worried me when I started working independently. However, this has become one of the aspects of my consulting career that I enjoy the most. Through being generous with my time and approach, and applying the PM operating system with energy I have been delighted at the way I’ve learned to convert conversations and connections into very rewarding work.”

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This professional sales person’s career in Sales & Marketing spanned the telecoms and technology industries. As their rapid revenue growth demonstrates, they have established a high billing PM practice by successfully securing a blend of both small and large engagements. They deliver leadership and sales development programmes as well as go-to-market advice.

“Business development comes very naturally when it’s a defined product, the PM methodology has helped me sell myself. I now work with clients outside my original industries and am helping them with issues which span a wide variety of functional disciplines.”

This individual’s previous career was in Operational Management in retail and financial services. Somewhat more measured in their revenue trajectory they have developed a PM practice which perfectly suits their personal circumstances. They specialise in engaging with organisations undertaking significant change and working with them in the development of people and process.

“It continues to amaze me that the majority of the business I win is simply by talking to people I know about the challenges they face in their business. Positive Momentum has shown me how to turn these conversations into consulting engagements”

This is someone who came to consulting having had a less than conventional career as a serial entrepreneur and investor in industries as diverse as; marketing services, publishing, technology and garden centres. Their revenue profile reflects the changing nature of client engagements in their PM practice. They specialise in assisting organisations with brand transformations and repositioning

“Over the years I have learnt the power of my network and the importance of nurturing the relationships I’ve built. I don’t think about selling as such – but, by being interested in the people I meet, opportunities to work alongside them consistently appear.”

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