Leadership Skills for the Real World

For more than 150 years Lombard has been providing Asset finance solutions to business and individuals across the UK. Operating from 33 business centres and across five corporate regions, Lombard are the premier British financier for an extraordinarily wide range of assets from a single new car to an entire commercial fleet, a dream yacht to a private aircraft, a farm tractor to earthmoving equipment and industrial plant to technology systems.

What did the client need?


Despite their market leading position, in 2010 Lombard embarked on a programme to dramatically upgrade every single area of their business, mobilising the entire organisation behind the ambition of becoming ‘world class’ in every respect. A cornerstone of this endeavour is the approach taken by the leadership community which numbers around 150 highly experienced professionals. The executive team determined that success in almost every area of their business depended on the skill, enthusiasm and focus of everybody and especially those with leadership responsibility.

How did it work?

Working closely with the executive team, the world class team and the wider senior leadership community, Positive Momentum spent time absorbing both the specifics of the world class ambition as well as the deep insights gathered during Lombards extensive analysis of the scale and nature of the challenge. This was used to create the basis for a draft World Class leadership programme which was then refined and adopted by the top 50 leaders.


Engaged deeply with the executive and senior leadership community.


Produced an utterly bespoke 2-day programme delivered over 2 separate days.


Engaged over 150 leaders in highly contextual, interactive and action oriented workshops.


Attended all Senior Leadership Group gatherings over an 18 month period to maintain momentum.