Deeply embedded leadership passion

Royal Bank of Scotland Invoice Finance (RBSIF) is the UK market leader in the invoice finance based lending marketplace. The organisation is staffed by over 1200 employees serving the needs of several thousand clients and generating over £250m in annual income.

What did the client need?


Despite their market leading position, the leadership of RBSIF continues to have significant ambitions for growth. They believe that highly effective people leadership across every area of the business is pivotal to realising these ambitions and therefore sought efficient and creative means of improving the skills of their 136 strong leadership team.

How did it work?

Commencing with an off site away day with the senior team and a period of consultancy with a steering committee, Positive Momentum helped RBSIF to develop a core set of three leadership values on which the subsequent bespoke 360° surveys and training modules were then based.

What did Positive Momentum do?



Designed and facilitated executive strategic away days.>


Created and managed a bespoke 360° survey programme.


Designed and delivered a total of thirty day’s of workshops to all leaders, split into three one day high impact, practical training sessions.


Delivered intensive leadership coaching on a one to one basis.