How to change career direction

It’s 2016, and I’m told the company I am leading would be closed and that my role as General manager is to be made redundant. I’ve been part of the company for 14 years and love it. I have a great team, I am passionate about … VIEW       

How to stop wasting time and become more effective in 3 easy steps

I know that last month a certain CEO was 64% effective and certain manufacturing Director was 78% effective.   How effective were you? And how would you know? Easy!   For me, there is only one measure of effectiveness: Where you spend your time. I bet that … VIEW       

Purpose – are you being driven, or washed?

Businesses need a purpose beyond making money, in order to be better at making money.  That seems to be the essence of many of the best-selling writing on the shelves just now.  Brilliant examples of purpose driven businesses include start-ups (e.g. Rype Office), young entrepreneurs (e.g.Simon … VIEW       

5 Reasons Why You’re Losing Major Bids

A CEO, CMO and CFO walk into a bar… and calculate the cost of bid management on a cocktail napkin: £50,000 average cost per major bid, multiplied by a typical 20% win rate, equals £150,000 cost on average to win a single major bid—above the investment … VIEW       

Seven Loyalty trends to track in 2018

Here are seven important trends to watch in customer retention that could help Brands resonate better and make Marketing strategies more relevant to the customers and prospects they seek to engage. 1 Actionable data will be key.Your marketing is only as powerful as the (actionable) data … VIEW       

Change to Grow

We all want to grow… To do so we have to change… But change is not easy! Growth. Everyone and every organisation wants to grow. It can be measured in many ways – sales, capability, efficiency – but the essence is the same, achieving more. What’s … VIEW       

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