Raising the Bar: 4 Keys to Winning More Bids

Earlier we watched a CEO, CMO and CFO walk into a bar to drown the woeful cost of winning a single major bid:  £150,000 on average.  Much as I enjoy raising a glass, a better way to manage your bid investment would be to raise the bar.  Why? On average, high performing … VIEW       

3 secrets of big-ticket deal winners

If you’re in sales I’m guessing you’d tell me you’re all over your customers, right? You know the key 10 business challenges for each organisation, where they’re focussing budget and resources and the key decision makers you need to get in front of? Most salespeople talk … VIEW       

New Business Development – Mind the snakes!

Have you ever felt that winning a new client is a bit like a game of snakes and ladders? You are enthusiastically making your way over each and every hurdle that is thrown in your path, pounding through those squares and are within sight of the … VIEW       

Swimming with Killer Whales..?

“Go! Go! Go!” shouted the captain of the speedboat. I felt like I was on a Navy Seal bootcamp as we just reacted, rolling off the side of the boat into the cool, wild waters off the South African coast. Coming towards us, out of the … VIEW       

5 steps to conquer your career mountain

In 2015 while I was nursing a running injury, my wonderful sister persuaded me to buy a bike. ‘You’ll love it Ka’ was the promise. I can ride a bike, how difficult can cycling be?  So, with all the gear and no idea I quickly found out … VIEW       

The most impressive sales organisation I’ve ever seen

Last week I had the great good fortune to take a team of leaders from one of my clients on a field trip to visit the amazing team at makeitcheaper in London and what we saw literally blew us away The levels of passion, commitment, discipline, … VIEW       

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