3 steps to unlocking revenue by improving your pricing strategy

Businesses pour blood, sweat and tears into developing a product. They spend countless hours working on bringing in new customers and cutting internal costs. Yet, many companies continue to neglect the most effective means of efficiently boosting profits – pricing. I will admit that, in the … VIEW       

Four simple actions that will get your network delivering.

Recently, I met someone who had undoubtedly had a tough time with work life for the past eighteen months. Although a highly qualified professional, with countless business skills to offer honed by nearly thirty years’ experience, they were convinced that they were not only poorly networked, but … VIEW       

3 things to help programme managers stand out in the crowd

If you manage people, projects or programmes, I’m guessing that you would tell me that you do a pretty good job at it, that you stack up well against your peers and that you understand the business challenges you are trying to solve? Let’s face it, … VIEW       

Becoming an Ex

This great podcast and article from HBR got me thinking to how I lived the transition from a senior role in a large bank to my current life as an independent consultant. The learnings for me have been; 1. Accept its a big thing and expect … VIEW       

Raising the Bar: 4 Keys to Winning More Bids

Earlier we watched a CEO, CMO and CFO walk into a bar to drown the woeful cost of winning a single major bid:  £150,000 on average.  Much as I enjoy raising a glass, a better way to manage your bid investment would be to raise the bar.  Why? On average, high performing … VIEW       

3 secrets of big-ticket deal winners

If you’re in sales I’m guessing you’d tell me you’re all over your customers, right? You know the key 10 business challenges for each organisation, where they’re focussing budget and resources and the key decision makers you need to get in front of? Most salespeople talk … VIEW       

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