Swimming with Killer Whales..?

“Go! Go! Go!” shouted the captain of the speedboat. I felt like I was on a Navy Seal bootcamp as we just reacted, rolling off the side of the boat into the cool, wild waters off the South African coast. Coming towards us, out of the … VIEW       

5 steps to conquer your career mountain

In 2015 while I was nursing a running injury, my wonderful sister persuaded me to buy a bike. ‘You’ll love it Ka’ was the promise. I can ride a bike, how difficult can cycling be?  So, with all the gear and no idea I quickly found out … VIEW       

The most impressive sales organisation I’ve ever seen

Last week I had the great good fortune to take a team of leaders from one of my clients on a field trip to visit the amazing team at makeitcheaper in London and what we saw literally blew us away The levels of passion, commitment, discipline, … VIEW       

How to change career direction

It’s 2016, and I’m told the company I am leading would be closed and that my role as General manager is to be made redundant. I’ve been part of the company for 14 years and love it. I have a great team, I am passionate about … VIEW       

How to stop wasting time and become more effective in 3 easy steps

I know that last month a certain CEO was 64% effective and certain manufacturing Director was 78% effective.   How effective were you? And how would you know? Easy!   For me, there is only one measure of effectiveness: Where you spend your time. I bet that … VIEW       

Purpose – are you being driven, or washed?

Businesses need a purpose beyond making money, in order to be better at making money.  That seems to be the essence of many of the best-selling writing on the shelves just now.  Brilliant examples of purpose driven businesses include start-ups (e.g. Rype Office), young entrepreneurs (e.g.Simon … VIEW       

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