Somewhat unusually for the world of HR, Viv ended up in the profession deliberately. Armed with a Psychology degree, a passion for helping businesses to maximise the potential of their people, and a fair bit of youthful naivety, she embarked on a career that started in the university sector (the Institute of Psychiatry), continued via professional services (Kroll), insurance (Hiscox), marketing services (Clear Ideas), and finally to the place she always knew she should be, Business Consultancy and the Positive Momentum team. Along the way the youthful naivety was bashed out of her, and replaced with a no-nonsense business head, robust HR leadership experience, and natural people insight, all of which can make working with Viv a transformative experience.

Viv retains her passion for the commercial potential of great people leadership and development, and loves nothing better than to help businesses identify and implement the actions which will have the biggest impact on the engagement, performance and ROI of their staff. The fact that she does this whilst building trust, openness and support from staff of all levels is a testament to her engaging, supportive and natural style. The fact that she manages to sustain such positivity given that she has 3 small demanding children at home also makes us wonder if she puts something special in her coffee…..

Viv’s HR experience has at various times encompassed all elements of the spectrum, however her particular passions are leadership and team development, coaching, and anything within the big arena of staff performance, development, engagement and employer branding.