Whilst Sue has spent her career in banking, starting out at NatWest and finishing up at RBS, she is not your typical banker (depending on your view of bankers this may be a plus!). After reaching the heady heights and coveted job of being able to lend real money, she realised, somewhat shockingly for a banker, that ‘doing the deal’ didn’t seem to give her the buzz it gave some of her colleagues. Whilst working out what to do with this piece of personal insight, she was lucky enough to stumble across the world of Operations Management which she fell in love with (guess someone has to?) and where she has since spent all her time.

Managing to somehow wind up as Chief Operating Officer, not once but twice, in two RBS businesses, she more than satisfied her need to never be bored, to be able to make a difference and to develop the people around her. A keen interest in leadership development has seen her mentoring and coaching a number of Directors and helping the next generation of leaders reach their potential.

Having worked with Positive Momentum as a client for a number of years, Sue had a natural affinity with our no nonsense approach and liked us so much she decided to join. Energy, a sense of humour, and a reputation for taking on some tough gigs over the years, qualifies her well to be a Positive Momentum partner.

In her spare time, Sue will grab any opportunity to escape down to the Jurassic coast in Dorset, where she can indulge her love of being near the sea, along with doing all that healthy long coastal walking stuff (and not so healthy eating of cream teas).

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