Mark Masson

Mark started out as an accountant with Deloitte in Scotland,  before swiftly moving into the world of business and commerce. He’s since devoted his career to helping organisations of all shapes and sizes undertake that most fundamental of tasks – attracting and retaining key talent.

Having built both his own businesses and helped countless others to do the same he’s become convinced of one thing above all else: those organisations with the most effective recruitment and development strategies consistently outperform those that simply don’t take their acquisition and management of key talent seriously enough, irrespective of their market or the prevailing conditions. Our experience has also repeatedly shown this to be true and so Mark has found a natural home in the no nonsense environment of Positive Momentum.

Mark knows where to look for, how to attract and most importantly how to keep hold of world class talent and has the track record to prove it. A cup of coffee with this man should probably be part of every leaders planning cycle!

With a dog called Pele his sporting interests are obvious and claims he can still give his 5-a-side friends a run for their money. Off the pitch he’s a history and genealogy aficionado, cyclist and world cinema (whatever that is) fan.