Lindsey Ulanowsky

“Lindsey was appointed as a consultant to work with the Travelodge Account Team on a 3 months interim basis. Although new to the hospitality sector she quickly developed her knowledge of the industry and gained the trust of her direct reports and customers. Whilst the primary remit for the interim role was to ‘hold the fort’ she also applied her no nonsense approach & B2B sales experience to drive forward key initiatives. She was a supportive leader for the team and made a real difference in the time she was with us.”

Chris Orme, Sales Director, Travelodge Hotels Limited

Lindsey Ulanowsky (no, we couldn’t pronounce it either at first – oo-la–now–ski) joined us from Ikano, a division of the giant Scandinavian business Ikea where after 15 years providing innovative finance and loyalty solutions to some of the worlds top retailers through Ikano Bank she was most recently the founding General Manager of Ikano Insight. (She claims to have very few weird sounding pieces of furniture in her home, but we doubt this given her fondness for all things Nordic). Her commercial experience working for this legendary organisation with such a unique – and might we say distinctly no–nonsense – culture was a massive attraction for us. Prior to her Scandi Financial Services experience Lindsey was with information giant Experian where she assisted many of the worlds top brands with customer insight and marketing services in a variety of roles including sales, product &  client management.  

When she’s not helping clients to be more effective she can be found pottering in the garden, on a yoga mat, running half marathons or cycling with her husband (who is generally pushing her up the big hills!).  As a believer in having a ‘balance in life’, she can also be found in the local pub in front of the fire, enjoying a few drinks with family and friends.