Laura Nicol

Laura says her only ambition as a teenager was to work in the ‘City’ of London. Watching the commuters go off in their suits early in the morning with their newspapers folded beneath their arms, she says it seemed like a powerful world to be in…

She realised the dream (of course discovering that commuting wasn’t so great after all) and developed a fast-moving career in investment management with Deutsch Bank, Scottish Widows and Alliance Bernstein that started with back office work, led to front line client engagement and ultimately resulted in multiple team leadership roles at VP level.

The investment management world is of course the very epitome of no-nonsense and yet Laura distinguished herself by dedicating her efforts to the development of the people in her teams and the simplification of products and processes. As a result she was able to thrive during periods of both significant growth and the severe retractions of the financial crisis whilst also growing her own family. No mean feat.

Today Laura is based near Zug, Switzerland where she and her family are enjoying the wonderful mountain air, the learning of German and the development of Positive Momentum in the region.