Eileen Mahoney

Eileen is one of those very special North Americans who has a real global perspective. She’s worked and lived on both sides of  ‘the pond’ and though her technical expertise is in marketing and leadership, her real value adds are her abilities to rapidly get to the root of a challenge, find innovative solutions that might solve it and then her courage to help others take action to solve it.

She started her work life at AT&T in a finance role but was relieved when she quickly discovered marketing. While she was at AT&T they went from 15th to 1st place in Internet market share and whilst she doesn’t claim all the credit, she was definitely there! She then joined the community of seemingly crazy telco people who left the industry titans in the late 90’s and went to some oddly named start-ups —  in Eileen’s case, she chose Global Crossing. She held that title (so loved by our American cousins) of VP and led teams in marketing, strategic pricing and commercial development all of whom apparently helped Global Crossing to grow very rapidly until they became part of Level 3 where Eileen wound up her full time corporate career in the UK as Senior Director of Client Operations – whatever that means…

Outside of work, Eileen genuinely loves motorcycle and car camping with her partner through Europe and the western US, rain or shine (really!).  The favorite aunt, she never misses an opportunity to celebrate anything with her 5 nieces and nephews, or the rest of her extended family and friends across the US and UK.