Clare Ratnavira

Clare started her working life in a high street bank in the late 1980’s, where she quickly realised that she was not going to conform to a traditional banking career path. Throughout her vast experience of operational management, delivering business change and leadership, Clare realised a common theme to her success which was her passion and natural ability to see things through the eyes of the customer and more importantly the people that she worked with.  Clare has a natural ability to stand in the shoes of others and call out the ‘bleedin’ obvious’ when maybe others have been blindsided by too much noise.

Clare’s experience spans multiple international Financial Services organisations, where she has led large teams and successfully delivered complex business change.  She brings a credible, no-nonsense approach to change strategy design and delivery alongside leadership, team development and individual coaching/mentoring. Her aim is to help individuals deliver outstanding results whilst becoming the best that they can be.

With her energy and passion to get stuff done, Clare is not afraid to challenge the status quo, ask that difficult question and most importantly, truly listen.  She has an engaging style with a natural ability to build relationships and confidence across all levels of the business, empowering and developing people along the way.

When not helping her clients, you are likely to find Clare spending quality time with family and friends. She is truly the ‘best Aunty Clare in the whole wide world’ to her nieces, nephew and numerous godchildren, with whom she shares all the fun and excitement that life has to offer. She is also a keen scuba diver, loving the beauty and peacefulness, as well as the exhilaration and the unknown of the underwater world.