High impact workshops to help client really get to know their customers

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Barclays Local Business look after the needs of over half a million small business clients across the UK and manages these relationships via a network of 1600 relationship managers. Barclays is consistently looking for innovative ways to improve the experience of its customers. Barclays Local Business have developed a contact methodology for its relationship managers that uses both an advanced contact tool as well as a Business Banking and Review document, both of which ensure that the relationship manager is communicating with his/her customers in a timely and highly effective manner.

What did the client need?


In order to increase and drive consistent use of both of these tools, Barclays asked Positive Momentum Limited to devise a highly memorable training workshop and deliver it to over 100 area managers. Barclays also required a packaged training programme that could then be delivered by the area managers to their teams.

How did it work?


Working closely with a project team from Barclays, Positive Momentum consultants created a one day, highly interactive workshop and delivered it across nine UK sessions within 12 weeks from first brief. In essence this was a combination of technical, sales, presentational and leadership development in a single workshop.

What did Positive Momentum do?



Devised a concept and material that brought the subject to life


Developed packaged training materials for in house delivery


Delivered high impact workshops to the Area Managers