Growth, margin and budget pressure mean that your organisation has to work ever more efficiently and that means change. Technology advancements have created a dazzling array of options but how do you avoid a daily pitch from the freshest new start up or the paranoia of whether you might be missing out or investing in the bleeding edge? More than that how do you develop an agile organisation and approach to change?

Positive Momentum consultants are former business leaders who have lived these conundrums. They are professionals who know that the answer to the question normally comes from within an organisation and that to place sexy new technology on outdated process or a less than fully functional team is a recipe for poor ROI. They are objective, open minded but unashamedly direct and always start by really understanding your organisation.

We are experienced and no-nonsense programme managers, project advisors and pragmatic consultants who will work with you to lift the carpet tiles that need to be lifted, ask the questions that need to be asked and then do the doing that ignites change and makes it stick.

As a result of Positive Momentum's proactive approach; our approach to the market has changed and now much better reflects both our strategy and the needs of our customers. Positive Momentum have a talent for getting buy-in and understanding business needs.
Detlef Spang - Managing Director, Major Enterprise Division
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