Perpetual growth and improvement are the measures by which organisations judge their success. Whether it’s top line growth, profitability, client satisfaction, cycle time or market share, we’ve all got our own specific KPI’s that we review with increasing regularity in our quest for sustainable achievement.

Positive Momentum consultants are former business leaders who have lived this life and know how tough it can be. They have been sales leaders, marketing heads, operational executives, people specialists, technical experts and board members and, like all experienced leaders, have led their teams to, and through, triumph and disaster. Today they offer this real-world experience in a variety of engagement styles always tailored to suit your specific needs.

We are experienced and no-nonsense marketing and strategy advisors, sales skill trainers, project managers and even short term interim leaders who will do what it takes to get your organisation moving in the desired direction.

Working with Positive Momentum; we raised our profile, developed new relationships which we still enjoy, as well taking on more new clients. All in all, it proved a very successful partnership.
Jane Parry - Director and Head of Marketing and Business Development, Duncan Lawrie
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