Everyone says that people are their most important asset. So much so that it’s become a cliché that too often is used as a stick to beat an organisation with. Engagement is the plat du jour and the means of measuring and theoretically improving it have proliferated over recent years, so how are you to choose who to work with in an age of limited resources?

Positive Momentum consultants are former business leaders who know that making the most out of the people in your organisation is far from easy. They have led in a variety of situations and are certain that one-size never fits all. Instead they engage with clients in a totally open-minded manner believing that what’s more important is that an intervention fits your context perfectly and actually delivers, rather than simply looks or sounds impressive.

We are experienced and no-nonsense programme designers and facilitators, leadership coaches, trainers and conference speakers and people advisors who you can deploy in a way that works for you.

Positive Momentum showed right from the beginning that they keep their promise of: no nonsense business expertise. With their know-how and experience in leadership development they regularly challenged our talents to critically think outside the box. If there were secret ingredients for the success of the program they were reliability, professionalism and sustainability in both the collaboration and training delivery.
Berthold Stoeger, Vice President Global HR
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