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Ashley Blackmore

Ashley Blackmore

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Ashley has many years’ experience of growing and transforming businesses. His expertise is rooted in setting up, running and expanding sales teams to create business growth. Over the years this has broadened out to encompass transformation work that delivers organisation-wide growth, across a wide spectrum of sectors and in many different markets.Having built and successfully sold his own business-to-business mobile phone company, Ashley is a straight talker and will bring an entrepreneurial edge to the most corporate of situations.

Ashley has rare qualities that make him a great colleague and an inspiring professional. Ashley has helped us raise our game to a more strategic sales level, master the strategic selling process and to meet with senior, qualified prospects. His integrity and directness mean that we are able to rapidly enter into a productive sales dialogue. Alongside all this Ashley is great fun, passionate about what he’s doing and always delivers what he promises.

Simon Brown – MD-Europe, Natural Capital Partners

Based on his experience, he believes that the success stories of the future will be the organisations that look beyond shareholder value to deliver against the triple bottom line of People, Planet and Profit. Ashley led the drive for Positive Momentum to become a B Corp, an accreditation that reflects a global culture shift to redefine success in business by balancing purpose and profit.

Ashley’s mobile phone business was one of Positive Momentum’s first ever clients, and after a successful sale his focus became businesses with sustainability at their core. He has since helped a wide range of clients to achieve stellar success, including Flowgem, a water-saving start-up that grew from zero to a £13 million sale to Centrica in 18 months.

Personifying the Positive Momentum maxim of no-nonsense business expertise, Ashley helps organisations to make the complex simple for employees, customers, and shareholders. He has an awesome network and boundless energy that he will devote to empowering your teams and your business to become everything you hope for.

Addicted to business from an early age, Ashley got his first paper round aged 11 and a second after-school job at 13. At 18 he was doing business with farmers, and by his early twenties was selling mobile phones – when they were £3,000 each! Today he lives in the East of England flatlands with his wife Ros. He loves a sporting challenge and is currently focused on a channel swim in the next couple of years. Ashley’s alter ego is Ordinary Bloke, who blogs about the issues he believes are vital to keeping 7.5 billion people+ alive and well on a healthy planet.

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