Build your sales people into market experts and winners!

Buyers are vulnerable people Just like you, buyers have hopes, fears, and ambitions. They need to protect their position, answer their boss’ questions and increase their value to their employer. More than ever, buyers want to learn. They don’t have time for 20 questions along the … VIEW       

Who do they think you are?

Well, here’s the big question that leads to the big deal … Do they follow you because they have to or because they want to? If it’s the former, you only have their time and their loyalty because you pay their salary and keep them in … VIEW       

New year, new commission plan, same result?

Assuming you’ve a shiny new plan that everyone is convinced is the answer to all of your growth challenges for next year, then I’ve three questions for you that might give you pause for thought. 1 Why a new plan? Sorry to be a party pooper … VIEW       

Dancing with Elephants

Waltz with respect! How many times have you prepared for a meeting, an away day, or a conference, and pored over your agenda to create an interesting, thought provoking and upbeat session, whilst studiously ignoring the elephant in the room? Elephants come in many different shapes … VIEW       

People in great leadership teams are doing these 3 things…

SLT, ELT, ExCo, OpCo, OpExec, THE Exec, THE Board (sometimes real, often not), most organisations have their own collective title or acronym for their groups of senior leaders. The theory goes that these diverse teams of mature, objective and experienced leaders work together without personal agenda … VIEW       

The 3 measures that matter most…

…on your sales dashboard. A dashboard in the truest sense is something you can briefly glance at whilst speeding along and get an instant picture of performance. Is your sales dashboard like that or are there so many measures that it resembles the instrument panel of … VIEW       

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Positive Momentum

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