Parental Leave Will Improve Team Performance…?

For the weaker leader, a request for parental leave is a potential disaster threat to BAU as well as a potential minefield! YOU are not that leader. This is an opportunity to masterfully display your leadership skills, cement your team and take the opportunity to be … VIEW       

How maternity leave could accelerate your career…!

Discovering at the ripe OLD age of 46 that I was pregnant with twins, I have to be honest, filled me with mixed emotions! Joy, fear (quite a lot of that to be truthful) and of course, uncertainty of how I could run my own consultancy … VIEW       

Humbuggate and why we ALL need to moderate our language and tone

The embarrassing British pantomime that is supposed to be a model of parliamentary democracy continues like a box set you don’t like at all but just can’t stop watching. However, the lessons for those of us in the real world continue too. One of our opposition … VIEW       

The secret to filling your leadership vacancies

A client was looking to appoint someone to scale their fastest growing business area and asked me “when is someone ‘ready enough’ to promote into a new Leadership role?” It got me thinking about what I’d seen and heard in my work with organisations around the … VIEW       

3 surprising ways to increase the exit multiple of your business and delight your customers

In selling a business, raising investment or getting buy in from the board, one of the key factors is to be able to describe with total clarity the processes and therefore outcomes that can be expected. To do this you must be able to define in … VIEW       

3 things every new leader must do

Truly great leaders can transform lives and yet on the world political stage, many of the great offices of leadership seem to have been invaded by people more motivated by their own celebrity than in genuine service to society. Great world leaders like Jacinda Ardern are … VIEW       

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