3 surprising ways to increase the exit multiple of your business and delight your customers

In selling a business, raising investment or getting buy in from the board, one of the key factors is to be able to describe with total clarity the processes and therefore outcomes that can be expected. To do this you must be able to define in … VIEW       

3 things every new leader must do

Truly great leaders can transform lives and yet on the world political stage, many of the great offices of leadership seem to have been invaded by people more motivated by their own celebrity than in genuine service to society. Great world leaders like Jacinda Ardern are … VIEW       

3 habits to survive digital disruption

Faced with ever more unpredictable markets and the ever-increasing pace of digital transformation it can sometimes feel challenging to break free from the day to day grind and get ahead. Not surprisingly the topic of how to have a sustained and positive impact on our clients, … VIEW       

A time to be brave

Last week’s FT ran a beautifully clear example of supply chain disruption. It raises a number of questions that those working in the coffee sector today will be asking themselves but is equally relevant to all sectors; What makes people spend £2.50 on a coffee and … VIEW       

How to land change (without having to use the emergency evacuation slide)

It’s well understood that whatever the outcome of Brexit, our relationship with Europe, both at a national and at an individual level has changed. For some this will be viewed as a change for the better, for others, a change for the worse. We are all … VIEW       

The dangers of discounting and how to get it right

To boost customer conversion and meet short-term revenue goals, many subscription-based businesses (and their sales team) immediately turn to discounting. A survey carried out by ProfitWell, compiling the views of sales team members from 8,000 subscription-based companies, revealed that over 70% of practitioners think some form … VIEW       

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