Becoming an Ex

This great podcast and article from HBR got me thinking to how I lived the transition from a senior role in a large bank to my current life as an independent consultant. The learnings for me have been; 1. Accept its a big thing and expect … VIEW       

10 lessons from 10 years!

I was always ambitious and my goal in life was to climb the corporate ladder, and to be honest I was quite successful – a senior VP managing over 600 people across 60 countries. But in the back of my mind I really wanted to have my own business, so when I realised the ladder was
leaning against the wrong wall, I decided to do something about it.… VIEW       

Snakes and Ladders

Climbing the ladder skilfully and avoiding the traps The ladder of your corporate career stands in front of you, ready for you to climb carefully up the rungs to success. Somewhere though, you know a few snakes will be lurking… tread upon one of those and … VIEW       

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Positive Momentum

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