Working with the client to drive their new branding

Barclays Retail Banking provides a range of personal financial products and services to 14 million UK customers via its network of more than two thousand branches. This network is staffed by over 20,000 employees. In 2005 Barclays decided to change the tone of their external retail branding under the tag line “Now there’s a thought”. Branches were extensively re-fitted with witty and accessible messages designed to demystify banking services and create a more human bond with their customers.

What did the client need?


Barclays realised that simply changing the aesthetics of a branch was unlikely to achieve its ultimate aim of becoming a more customer friendly organisation and so conceived of a concept called ‘Brand Agents’. Almost 1000 people were selected from the branch network to be the ambassador of the new branding with their colleagues and to enthuse and inspire them to live out the new tone.

How did it work?


Working with several other organisations, Positive Momentum facilitated a number of large scale launch events across the country in 2005. Since then Positive Momentum has been retained to deliver a monthly programme of induction events where groups of c.30 new Brand Agents are introduced to the concept and equipped to return to their branches and make an impact.

What did Positive Momentum do?



Collaborated on the development of the large scale launch events and then facilitated same.


Facilitated the monthly Brand Agent induction events.


Delivered a programme of influencing and persuasion techniques.