Top Right Group (formerly Emap) provides its clients with access to key decision makers, market-leading publications, must attend awards, vital business foresight, and skilful analysis of the retail, infrastructure, media, fashion, architecture, home and gift, renewable energy, health, education, government, creative, design and customer insight sectors. Organised by four Operating Companies; i2i (events), 4C (foresight), Emap (publications) and Lions (festivals) they employ almost 1500 people around the world unified by the singular obsessions of growth and client value delivery.

What did the client need?


The private equity shareholders, since the buy-out from the public markets in 2008, primary focus had been maintaining their share equity in the deepest recession since the 1930’s. However, in 2010, despite very tough market conditions the shareholders nevertheless felt that the original thesis of their buy-out case remained intact i.e. strongly valued brands and good products in resilient markets, and that therefore there was potential for growth to return as the primary objective of the business. This dramatically reenergised optimism for the organisation resulted in an immediate and considerable change in both strategy and business emphasis. A massive focus on the effectiveness of both the people and processes associated with Sales and Marketing across the group was instigated with the senior leadership team placing this at the very epicentre of their efforts.

How did it work?

Positive Momentum were invited to assist very early in the development of this new strategy and built rapid and very close relationships with all the key senior leaders and their teams. Given the seismic and potentially disruptive nature of many of the plans it was necessary to work quickly and effectively in establishing credibility and gaining the trust of this core group.

What did Positive Momentum do?



Advised on a sales leadership delayering programme.>


Assessed each MD individually both one-to-one and via 360° surveys.


Redesigned the core sales compensation principles and methodologies


Designed, coordinated and led a set of group wide communication events including a group wide Sales and Marketing conference


Designed, coordinated and led a series of group wide Sales and Marketing leadership summits

Advised on pre-CRM KPI tracking tools and methodologies
Designed and delivered a programme of Sales Leadership effectiveness training
Designed and delivered a programme of B2B Sales Effectiveness training
Advised on the delivery of an Elite programme of recognition events
Ongoing coaching and transformational consultancy with all Operating Companies